Post-modernist Elements in Javed Ihsas’s Poetic Collection ‘Ayina (The Mirror)’

  • Muhammad Ramzan MPhil in English Literature, Qurtuba University DI Khan
  • Shah Faisalullah MPhil in English Literature, Qurtuba University DI Khan
  • Dr. Abdul Karim Khan Assistant Professor, Department of English, UST Bannu
Keywords: Ayina, Contemporary Pashto Poetry, Pashtun Society, Post-modernism


Javed Ihsas is a prominent contemporary Pashto poet, critic, and columnist. He writes poetry with the new spirit and style of the modern critical theories of literature and philosophy. In his verses, we can observe the elements of Modernism and Post-modernism as well. In this study, we explored the post-modernist elements in his poetry, especially in his Pashto poetic collection titled Ayina. The word 'Ayina' is a Pashto word that means 'The Mirror'. The very title of the collection gives a symbolic representation in the sense that it depicts a realistic picture of society. This study is an attempt to examine the Post-modernist elements in his poetry by using a post-modernist approach. The poet touches on the elements of post-modernism in his poetry such as the element of social construction; the notion that ideas, politics, and language are socially constructed, consumerism, postponement, etc. This study explores the post-modernist elements in Javed Ihsas’ poetry which are will prove a beacon light for the young poets.