How Teachers Develop Professionally: Effectiveness of Trainings Programs on Teaching Attitude and Performance of Science Teachers

  • Dr. Nasrin Akhter Associate Professor, Department of Science Education, University of Okara
Keywords: Teachers Training, Teachers Attitude, Teachers Performance, Trained Teachers, Untrained Teachers


Teachers training found to be very effective in the teaching profession and proves useful to bringing changes in the major aspects of teaching like attitude and performance regarding their professional development. Therefore, this study was conducted to find out the perception regarding teaching attitude and performance of trained and untrained science teachers. The study aim to explore the teaching attitude regarding effectiveness of training and their professional development. Semi-structured interviews were used to collect data from 15 trained and 15 untrained teachers those joined lately. The study found that the trained teachers show positive attitude because of their training, building up expertise in the field. Though, the untrained teachers like teaching because they viewed it respectable profession but need to improve further. Also it was found that training makes teachers performance better than the untrained teachers cannot perform well initially. Moreover, male and female teachers have different attitude towards teaching profession. Also the private teachers perform well in different aspects then public school teachers. Overall the study concludes that both trained and untrained teachers have positive attitude towards teaching with a difference in performance. There is a difference between trained and untrained teachers on their classroom management and pedagogical approach. This study suggests that there should be opportunity of continuous professional development provided to the new teachers as well as senior teachers.