Fun and Amusement in Teaching: Exploring Various Aspects of Teaching of Mathematics at Elementary Level

  • Dr. Nasrin Akhter Associate Professor, Department of Science Education, University of Okara
  • Dr. Munir Khan Assistant Professor, Department of Education, University of Malakand, Dir Lower
  • Dr. Muhammad Asghar Ali Assistant Professor, Department of Education, Women University Azad Jammu & Kashmir, Bagh.
Keywords: Effectiveness, Fun and Amusement, Teaching Mathematics, Elementary Level


Mathematics as a subject is considered difficult as well as interesting and enjoyable. children like its challenge, its clarity, and the fact that you know when you are right. The solution to a problem makes a feeling of excitement and satisfaction. The objectives of the study were (i) to explore the fun and amusement in teaching mathematics at the elementary level (ii) to review the existing and required facilities at the elementary level (iii) to find out how students take fun in learning mathematics at the elementary level. Four elementary schools were taken as a sample of the study. The questionnaires were used with the teachers and students separately n the themes related to the fun, amusement, and effectiveness in teaching Mathematics. On the basis of analysis, it was found that the majority of the teachers were teaching the out-dated curriculum which does not satisfy the socio-economic needs of students. Although teachers s and students had fun in their teaching and learning process. It is found that the elementary teachers and students were not up to the mark because they were less equipped as compared to the physical and other basic facilities which should be available in the schools. It is proposed that all schools, including the English medium schools, must follow the education policy in the teaching of mathematics and curriculum. Furthermore, the trained and qualified teachers should be appointed on merit both in the government and private schools.