What Should We Learn from New Trends in Teacher Education

  • Preeta Hinduja MPhil Scholar, Iqra University Karachi
  • Altaf Hussain MPhil Scholar, Iqra University Karachi
  • Shahnaz Noor MPhil Scholar, Iqra University Karachi


This theoretical paper discusses the salient features of new trends in Teacher Education and their implications for teachers’ learning in 21st century. With this, the paper represents Social Justice Approach, Master-Apprentice Approach, Teacher Identity Approach, Reflective practices Approach, Competence Approach and, Applied knowledge Approaches. In addition, the paper presents seven elements of effective Professional Development required being a 21st century teacher as suggested by Darling-Hammond et al., (2017).  Besides, the paper describes ‘How teachers learn’ suggested by Jones and Dexter (2014).  It further discusses the questions and concerns that have been raised about these new trends. In addition, it highlights the issues faced by Pakistani teacher education program. Finally, the paper recommends what trend(s) Pakistani teacher Education should adapt that help teachers becoming prepare for 21st century.