A Comparative Analysis of the Pronunciation of Engineers and Bureaucrats: An Explanatory Research

  • Afshan PhD Scholar, UOL
  • Dr. Sikandar Ali Assistant Professor, UOL
  • Anum Saeed MPhil, UOL
Keywords: Comparative Analysis, Pronunciation, Engineers and Bureaucrats, Explanatory Research, Importance of Pronunciation


It is a fact that English has become part and parcel of our society. All the fields of our society have been affected by English in the modern epoch. Major important issues pertaining to English language teaching are still unanswered because of lack of strategy for teaching English in our educational institutes. Similarly, pronunciation is one of the major factors, which ruins the image of a speaker, although he or she is good in grammatical and other features of English language. The purpose of instant study is to find out the reasons behind mispronunciation of English language in our society. For this purpose, two types of important professional fields of our society were taken up for experiment, which were bureaucrat and engineer. Similarly, two types of research tools were adopted, first was an Observation Sheet and second was structured open-ended questionnaire. The results show different aspects of both targeted groups. It was revealed by the research that bureaucrats are in favour of going with correct pronunciation, whereas engineers are not as enthusiastic to be corrected in pronunciation as bureaucrats.