Student’s Perception regarding the Effect of Faculty based Assessment Approaches on their Academic Performance at University Level

  • Sadia Mushtaq Assistant Professor, Government Degree College (W), Shah Rukn e Alam, Multan
  • Dr. Erum Aslam Khan Assistant Professor, Department of Education, Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan, Pakistan
  • Dr. Muhammad Zafar Iqbal Co-ordinator, Admin Branch; Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education, Multan
Keywords: Students’ Perception, Gender, Faculties, Achievement, Assessment, University Level


Instructional and assessment methods are varied and preferred by their teachers at higher-level institutions. A teacher guides their students with detail information and instructions to achieve their educational targets. Students share views regarding their faculty norms and standards that influence the adoption of their study methods. The major focus of this study was to find out the faculty-based differences of learners' views of assessment and its relationship with achievement at the university level. The study was correlational and the survey was conducted to investigate the research problem. All the public sector universities of Punjab were considered as a population of the study and only seven (07) public sector universities were taken as a sample. A questionnaire, students' perception of assessment (Waldrip et al., 2008) was adapted to collect the data from the respondents. Using the mean scores, standard deviation, t-test, and regression the collected data were analyzed. The findings of the study showed students have not the same perception about the assessment and the study concluded a significant relationship between students' perception of assessment and academic outcomes. Based on the study results, it was recommended that each faculty should well inform the students about the assessment methods and strategies for their outcomes improvement.