Financial and Political Causes behind Child Labor: The Case of Pakistan

  • Zareen Qadeer Lecturer, Social Work Department, University of Sindh Jamshoro
  • Dr. Urooj Talpur Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, University of Sindh
  • Najia Shaikh Assistant Professor, Institute of Commerce University of Sindh, Jamshoro
Keywords: Financial, Definitive Issues, Child Labor, Socio-Economic, Politics.


Working with teenagers is the world's driving judgment, particularly in agrarian countries, and Pakistan is in like way an overcomer of this making generally wonder for various reasons that are the legitimization the purposeful or amazing improvement of kid work. Youngster's work has prompted various results that have confused the social arrangement it has with the framework, and the progress of its decisions makes the Pakistani Government aware of take-away the finest and most sensible actions to combat this affront. The sign of this statement is to see the monetary and diplomatic purposes behind teenagers' work out and to research the matter via a mix of inspection procedures utilizing Confederation upgrades towards getting the veritable pith offered appraisal at multilateral spaces of income. The appraisal additionally reviews the ideas and evaluations made by philosophy creators for their execution.


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