What Makes Teachers Reflective Practitioners? Findings from Remote Schools in Pakistan

  • Sajid Ali
  • Dr. Haji Karim Khan University of Baltistan, Skardu
Keywords: Reflection, Reflective Practice, Reflective Practitioner, Teacher Learning


Reflective practice is considered a key element of teacher learning. The teaching and learning process are considered incomplete without reflective practice. Therefore, teachers are seen as reflective practitioners and researchers. This paper emerges from a qualitative study carried out in private sector schools in remote Pakistan. We collected data from ten teachers in two private schools through interviews, classroom observations, and document reviews. Data analysis was carried out through qualitative methods. Findings showed that teachers regarded reflections and reflective practice very high for their learning as teachers. Teachers used different approaches for reflective practice including reflective journals, students test results, peer observations, and feedback from parents and communities. Findings have important implications for teaching and learning.