Improving ESL Learners’ Comprehension through Motivational Synergy

  • Marya Sarwar Lecturer, Department of English Language and Literature, University of Okara, Pakistan
  • Dr. Rubina Masum Assistant Professor, Department of English/Business Management, Iqra University Karachi
  • Sadia Gondal Assistant Professor, Department of Humanities, Social Sciences and Modern Languages, University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore
Keywords: Reading Fluency; Comprehension; Isolated Word Training; Bottom-Up Strategy; Top-Down Strategy


The present study focuses on the use of Motivational Synergy as means to ameliorate the comprehension of ESL Learners at various campuses of the University of Education. The study is correlational. The survey method was adopted to carry out the research.  A convenient purposive sampling technique was used to collect the sample which is comprised of 100 public sector university students including 33% males and 67% females studying in the M.A. English program. This study focused on reading comprehension and listening comprehension. The results show that bottom-up training had a negative impact on comprehension. In contrast, top-down training positively affected fluency but had no impact on comprehension. Further, the results do suggest that fast-paced reading may potentially lead to improved comprehension. These findings have implications for the type of language instruction used in classrooms and, therefore, for teachers of adult ESL learners.