A Structural Analysis of the Pakistani Fairy Tale the Moon King and Rose Princess

  • Zahoor Hussain BZ University Bahadur Campus Layyah
  • Iram Rubab GC Women University Sialkot
  • Muhammad Ajmal University of Lahore
Keywords: Structure, Fairy Tales, Propp, Oral Tradition, Narratives


The purpose of this study was to have a structural analysis of fairy tales of Pakistan. Being a part of an old civilization, Pakistan has also the rich and centuries-old oral tradition of storytelling. The fairy tale The Moon King and Rose Princess of the same Pakistani traditional background was recorded and transcribed and analyzed using Propp's structural model. The analysis showed that all the 31 functions were present and these functions occurred in the plot in the same sequential arrangement as was given by Propp. The study had a conclusion that there are the same functions and their occurrences in the plot of the Pakistani fairy tales only with minor differences. The study received great admiration and recognized the Pakistani fairy tales.