Linguistic Deviation in Pakistani Print Media Advertisements

  • Abdul Hamid Lecturer, University of Swat
  • Dr. Akbar Ali Assistant Professor, University of FATA
  • Dr. Fazal Hanan University of FATA
Keywords: Linguistic Deviation, Media, Newspaper, Morphological Deviation, Semantic Deviation Syntactic Deviation


Linguistic strategies have been widely utilized to function as a tool for persuasion. The present study aims to investigate linguistic deviation in advertisements in Pakistani print media. There are different manifestations of linguistic deviation such as morphological, orthographic, semantic, and syntactic. Data were collected from different national and international advertisements. The data were analyzed using the contents analysis technique of data analysis. In the analysis of linguistic data taken from advertisements, the linguistic deviations have been highlighted and their functions have been identified. The result of the study says that seven types of linguistics deviation have been employed by advertisers in Pakistani print and electronic media and the purpose of deviation is to attract the attention of the readers/viewers (customers).