Exploring Authentic Leadership in Relation to Pedagogical Development in Public and Private Sector Universities

  • Said Saeed PhD Scholar, Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan, KP
  • Prof. Dr. Riasat Ali Professor, Department of Education, AWKUM, KP
Keywords: Authentic Leadership Attributes, Pedagogical Development, Organization



The study aims at to explore the authentic leadership attributes (ALA) and its impact on pedagogical development. The objectives of the study were to investigate ALA of leaders and measure relationship between ALA and pedagogical development at university level. The population of the study was 6975. The sample of the study was 967.  The mixed method approach was used to collect information from sample by using modified form of ALQ developed by Walumbwa, Avolio, Gardener, Wernsing, & Peterson (2008) and interviews.  Analysis was done with percentage, Mean, STD, independent sample t-test, Pearson’s rank correlation and thematic analysis. It was found that r value (.426) which was significant at .000 showed significant positive and average level correlations between ALA and pedagogical development at university level. It is suggested that followers may be involved in positive activities and be provided more leadership opportunities for the achievement of organizational goal and personal development.

Author Biography

Prof. Dr. Riasat Ali, Professor, Department of Education, AWKUM, KP

Professor, Department of Education, Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan