An investigation into Dichotomy of Teachers’ Professional Inputs and Parents’ Satisfaction in Public Sector Schools

  • Shah Faisal Nawaz University of Sargodha, Sargodha-Pakistan
  • Muhammad Uzair-ul-Hassan University of Sargodha, Sargodha-Pakistan
  • Iram Parveen University of Sargodha, Sargodha-Pakistan
Keywords: Professionalism, School, Culture, Parents, Teachers


Teachers’ professionalism is a backbone of school culture. The parents, whose children experience the school’s culture, determine their level of satisfaction. Therefore, a school is a place where teachers’ professional level affects not only its own culture but also determine parents’ dissatisfaction. Our study explores teachers’ professionalism which shapes up school’s culture that consequently make the children’s parents dis/satisfied about schools. We used exploratory design for collecting qualitative data to achieve the objectives. Thematic approach was used for analyzing the data. An interview protocol was developed as a research instrument and by using purposive sampling data were collected from 10 teachers and 05 parents. The results concluded that majority of the primary school teachers seem us less professional which ultimately puts adverse effects on school culture and also makes the children’s parents less satisfied. The study recommends that school culture of our primary schools need to be improved by developing professionalism among teachers through introducing them professional courses in their in-service training programs, up grading their status for making a teaching profession more attractive for the mass of people in Pakistani society.