An Impact of Explicit Teaching of Reading Strategies on the Reading Motivation of Pakistani ESL Learners

  • Zehra Hasan Visiting Faculty, Iqra University
  • Dr. Bushra Ahmed Khurram Department of English, University of Karachi
  • Amna Iqbal Iqra University
Keywords: Reading, Reading Motivation, Reading Strategies, Explicit Teaching


Researchers advise teachers to help students develop a passion for reading to enhance their reading abilities. This action research aims to ascertain the effect of explicit teaching of reading strategies on Pakistani undergraduate ESL learners. The students received explicit reading strategy instruction over a four-month period in two cycles. The data was gathered with the help of a questionnaire i.e. Motivation for Reading Questionnaire (MRQ) before and after the intervention stage. The findings show that teaching reading strategies explicitly ensures a positive impact on students’ motivation to read. As a result, it is discovered that students can get motivated to read if they are familiar with reading strategies, but what is the primary step to create initially is an interactive and interesting environment in the classroom. This study is important for language educators and teacher educators who want to motivate students. It additionally reinforces the usefulness of various existing reading strategies for motivating learners at a Pakistani private institution.