Perceptions of College Principals and Faculty Members Regarding Administrative Problems and Job Performance

  • Iqbal Amin Khan Lecturer, Department of Education, University of Malakand
  • Sami ul Haq MPhil Scholar, Department of Education, University of Malakand
  • Faridullah Khan Assistant Professor, Department of Education and Psychology, KUST, Kohat
Keywords: College Principals, College Teachers, Administrative Problems, Job performance, Capacity Development Programmes


Efficient administration of educational institutions is vital for their advancement and growth. Principals play a key role in providing conducive environment for instruction and students’ academic achievement. This study aims to examine the viewpoints of college principals and faculty members regarding the challenges faced in administration and their performance as college principal. A quantitative approach was used to investigate this research problem, employing a descriptive survey design to gather and analyse data. The research study focused on principals and faculty members from government degree and postgraduate colleges for boys and girls in the Malakand Division, Pakistan. A sample of 140 faculty members and 28 principals was selected by using stratified random sampling technique. Data from the participants were collected by using a self-developed questionnaire, which was validated by a panel of experts and its reliability was found through Cronbach’s alpha values which were found for administrative problems and job performance as 0.732 and 0.856 respectively. The study results showed that college principals faced various administrative problem included problems related to teaching and learning process, lack of availability of resources, maintaining good relationship with community, lack of financial resources, lack of capacity building programmes, and political interference. These administrative problems in turn effect lack of exhibiting instructional leadership, evaluating teachers and students’ performance, maintaining conducive working environment, preparing and utilizing budget, and implementing policies. Capacity building and continuous professional development programmes may be worthwhile strategies for improving the administrative, managerial and leadership roles of college principals.