Effect of Molesting Behavior of Male Athletes on Participation and Motivation of Female Athletes at Public Sector Universities of Sindh Province

  • Dr. Shireen Bhatti Director P.E, Education & Literacy Department
  • Dr. Salah Udin Khan Professor & Chairman SSPE, Department of Sports Science and Physical education, Gomal University, D.I. Khan, K.P
  • Saddam Akbar HOD Physical Education Department, Aspire Group of Colleges, FSD, Pakistan
Keywords: Molestation, Effect, Athlete, Motivation, Participation


The main objectives of study was to determine effect of molesting behavior of male athletes in the perspective of participation of the female athletes and effect of molesting behavior of male athletes on the motivation of female athletes at public universities in Sindh province. The study was descriptive cross sectional .The Purposive sampling method was employed for the collection of the data. Female athletes who competed at intercollegiate, intervarsity, provincial and national level of public universities of Sindh province were subject of this study. The self-developed questionnaire was administrated for data collection. There were 85 female athletes from twenty public universities who participated in present study. The findings revealed that there is negative significant effect of molesting behavior of male athletes on motivation and participation of female athletes at public universities of Sindh. The result revealed declining of level of motivation, impairment of performance, restriction or withdrawal from participation or pursuing sports career and confinement to home due to feeling of insecurity due to exposed rate of sexual molesting behavior of male athletes.