A Study of Leadership Styles of Female Elementary School Principals in Rawalpindi Pakistan

  • Fatima Saddique MPhil Scholar, Department of Education, Virtual University, Lahore Pakistan.
  • Dr. Bushra Inayat Raja PhD in Leadership and Management from UCL Institute of Education. University of London, UK
Keywords: Leadership Styles, Female Leaders, Elementary School Level


The research investigated the leadership styles of the female school principals. The population was 32 elementary school principals in total in Rawalpindi city of Pakistan. The quantitative research design was utilized by the researchers. For the data collection, a five-point Likert scale questionnaire was used. It was Leadership styles questionnaire 5X rater developed by Northouse in 2008. It was used to measure the Democratic Leadership Style, Authoritarian Leadership Style, and Lassies faire leadership Style. Descriptive and statistical methods were used to analyse the data. The results showed that among the total of 22 school principals, 16 were practicing democratic leadership style, 4 school principal were practicing authoritarian leadership style, 1 female principal was practicing both democratic and authoritarian leadership style and further, 1 school principal was practicing laissez-fare leadership style. Moreover, the results showed that the leadership style that is emerging as the most popular leadership style among the female school principals as compared to the authoritarian and laissez faire leadership styles at elementary school level was democratic leadership styles. It was also confirmed that the female school principals were democratic leaders.