Does Gender Difference Exist on the Teaching Creativity Level of Male and Female Secondary School English Teachers in District Bannu?

  • Rahat Jehan IER, University of Science and Technology Bannu
  • Dr. Gulap Shahzada IER, University of Science and Technology Bannu
  • Dr. Javed Mustafa Assistant Professor, Department of Education & Research, Khushal Khan Khattak University, Karak
Keywords: Teachers, Creativity, Teaching Effectiveness, Gender differences, Secondary School


The main focus of the current study was to investigate the creativity level, teaching effectiveness level and gender difference in creativity level of secondary school teachers in district Bannu. The researcher used two instruments i.e. English Language Teachers’ Creativity Scale (ELT-CS) and Teaching Effectiveness Questionnaires. Random sampling followed by proportion allocation was used to collect the data. Since the data regarding teachers’ creativity and teaching effectiveness was collected from their students, so 363 students were randomly selected from 23 female and 40 male secondary schools. Mean, Standard Deviation and Independent Sample t-test were used analyzing the data. The results of the study concluded that female secondary school teachers were more creative than male secondary school teachers. Those teachers, whose creativity level was high, were more creative than those whose creativity level was low. It was suggested that teachers should be motivated to improve their creativity level in all aspects so that their teaching and their students learning could improve and educational objective could be met. For the first time, the researcher attempted to determine the level of creativity among secondary school teachers in district Bannu, and got empirical data to prove the importance of creativity for teaching effectiveness.