Incarcerating Women in Tribal Areas: A Third World Feminist Critique

  • Kashifa Khalid Lecturer, FASS, University of Central Punjab Lahore
  • Usama Javed Iqbal FASS, University of Central Punjab Lahore
  • Muneeba Liaquat FASS, University of Central Punjab Lahore
Keywords: Incarcerated, Maltreated, Commodities, Miserable


The women are still incarcerated in third-world countries despite several movements for their freedom, equality, and liberty. They are maltreated not only by their husbands but also by their parents. Furthermore, they are sold and purchased in the open market the same as other commodities, and their rape, slavery, and subjugation are not considered obnoxious in the frontier areas. The purpose of this research is to highlight the miserable condition of women in third-world society and the way they are treated by men in a male-dominated society concerning Jamil Ahmed’s debut fiction, The Wandering Falcon.