Perceptions of Departmental Heads, Faculty Members and Students Regarding the Effectiveness of Junior Faculty Development Programs in HEC

  • Surryia Rashid PhD Scholar, University of Management and Technology
  • Dr. Farah Naz University of Management and Technology
  • Prof. Dr. Abdul Hameed University of Management and Technology
Keywords: Junior Faculty Development Programs, Departmental Heads, Faculty Members, Students, Perceptions


This study has been conducted to assess the general perception of departmental heads, faculty members, and students of public/ private universities in Punjab about the effectiveness of junior faculty development programs, being conducted in higher Educational institutions of Punjab for novice teachers with a special focus to determine the various factors that contribute to the need of university teachers' professional development especially the novice like lecturers. The study dealt with three major groups of respondents; Heads of the Departments, Teachers (junior + senior), and students. It was quantitative research and the sample of the study was Head of Departments, students, and faculty members of twelve public and private universities of Punjab selected randomly. Multi-phase sampling was used to divide the population into three groups.  A survey method was used and Data was collected by using a closed-ended five-point Likert scale questionnaire. The findings of the study were drawn from data analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistics. All types of analysis confirm that the whole faculty has more deficiency in expertise in usage of technology in teaching and has less deficiency in classroom Teaching Techniques, content Knowledge, Skills for teaching training Programs and junior faculty lack more in content knowledge, classroom Teaching Techniques and skills for teaching training programs. The results also showed that Faculty Development programs are beneficial for enhancement of productivity and improving the competency of new lecturers and also proposed by them that such kind of programs should be on regular basis and also should be compulsory.