Taking off the Veil: A Discursive Feminist Perusal of American Brat

  • Tazanfal Tehseem University of Sargodha, Pakistan
  • Aqsa Arshad University of Sargodha, Pakistan
  • Zohaib Hassan University of Sargodha, Pakistan
Keywords: Feminism, Cultural Clash, Socio-Political Agenda, FCDA.


The current study investigates the cultural clash in building a personality in the novel “American Brat”. It illuminates the life of a Parsee young lady who turns into a casualty of two societies and faces unconventional strictness and perceived social and political blems that arose during the entire interaction of her metamorphosis. The epic spins around the focal figure named Feroza who was acquainted both in Pakistan and America: the previous is a man-centric culture while the last is a free state consequently outlining her personality in two societies. The novel builds alternate points of view of females' personality, for example, being an individual from a traditionalist and modern culture. “Feminist critical discourse analysis” (Lazar, 2007) was applied to address the study objective. The passages chosen illustrate how women are viewed in two different cultures. The analysis uncovers badgering, sexual or abusive behaviour at home, and violence against women in certain settings however then again in certain societies, she is sanctioned. The chosen text is investigated by FCDA scepter. The results mirror that the novel portrays a doubled feminism paradigm depicting that in a man-centric culture like Pakistan, the woman is under badgering, sexual or aggressive behaviour at home, and attacks while in the developed nations like America she is strengthening and autonomous to act as per her will.