Exploring ‘Temporality’ in the Short Story ‘Turquoise’ by Aamer Hussein: An Application on the Genette’s Model of Narratology

  • Dr. Fouzia Janjua Associate Professor, International Islamic University Islamabad
  • Afshan Abbas PhD Scholar, International Islamic University Islamabad
Keywords: Genette‘s Schemata of Narratology, Turquoise, Time Shift Processes


The present study is mainly focused on applying Genette's model of narratology for the in-depth analysis of Aamer Hussein's short story "Turquoise." The purpose of this research is to investigate the narratological temporal elements in Aamer Hussain's fiction 'Turquoise'. The research is concerned with a close textual analysis of the text to sort out structural and temporal elements in terms of Genette's narratology which includes five major narrative categories. The temporal narratological analysis helps the researcher to bring out the complexities of the structural and temporal patterns of the short story. The short story "Turquoise," narrated from the temporal perspective, demonstrates Aamer Hussein's mastery of narrative temporality.