Effect of Store Environmental and Individual Factors on Impulse Buying Behaviour of Pakistani Consumers

  • Dr. Ammar Hussain Lecturer, Department of Business Management, Karakoram International University Gilgit
  • Dr. Tariq Khan Associate Professor, Department of Management Sciences, The University of Haripur
  • Dr. Shiraz Khan Assistant Professor, Department of Management Sciences, The University of Haripur
Keywords: Impulse Buying, Store Environment, Reference Group Influence, Time Pressure


The issues related to impulse buying have remained a major concern for marketing researchers as well as practitioners. This study aims to examine the factors influencing an individual's impulsive buying behavior. The study also aims to examine the association between independent variables which are the environment of store and individual factors influence with impulse purchasing and to investigate the mediating role of mood. To examine the relationship between the variables under investigation; responses of 279 respondents were used for analysis. A self-administered questionnaire was used for data collection. Regression and correlation analysis were conducted by using SPSS 17. The results show that the Store environment influences an individual's impulse purchase behavior similarly, further analysis of the data indicates that reference group influence is the aspect that influences the impulse buying behavior of individuals, and mood play's role of a partial mediator. Time pressure does not affect the impulse buying behavior of individuals. It was also found the difference between men and women impulse purchases and respondents were found of impulse purchases for food items. The study explored that mostly the food items are being purchased impulsively by the respondents, the results of the research show that 46.4 % of the total sample have purchased food items impulsively. The second product type which is being purchased impulsively is accessories like Tie, Belt, and artificial jewelry. Results show that 43.1% of respondents have purchased accessories impulsively. This study suggests some recommendations for the manager of stores for further improvement of store atmosphere to boost impulse buying behavior among buyers


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