Role of Social Factors affecting the Development of University Football

  • Prof. Wu Hao Capital University of Physical Education and Sports Beijing, CHINA
  • Muhammad Tahir Nazeer University of the Punjab, 54590-Lahore, Pakistan
  • Ali Raza PhD Scholar, Capital University of Physical Education and Sports Beijing, China
Keywords: Macro Environment, Sustainable Development, Social Constraints, University Football


Background: Football is known as the world's No. 1 sport and has always been loved by the majority of young people. The development of football on campus also has a long history and an extensive positive influence. It is recognized as a sport with good exercise value. With the increasingly close connection between football and social life, the development of university football is inevitably affected by many social factors. Through the analysis of the macro-development environment and development status of university football, it discusses the social factors affecting the development of university football from various aspects such as social systems, traditional ideas, and values. Method: Employing literature review, logical analysis, discussion with players, and experts interview methods, the athletes and coaches of university football teams were visited and investigated. Based on the guidance of players and coaches this paper summarizes the present situation of the football players of Pakistan with detailed data. Conclusion: The development of University Football faces the double lag of hardware and software facilities, and the competent supervision department of the state cooperate insufficient execution, weak University Football culture atmosphere, etc. are all bad factors that restrict and affect the development of University Football in our country.