Evil in Human Nature and its Reflections in Society: With Reference to 'Lord of the Flies' by Golding

  • Nasim Ullah Khan Lecturer in English, Bacha Khan Universty Charsadda
  • Syed Qasim Shah Lecturer in English, Bacha Khan University Charsadda
  • Muhammad Bilal Lecturer in English, Bacha Khan Universty Charsadda
Keywords: Human Nature, Evil, Favourable Circumstances, Parental Control, Barbarism


The study investigates the fact that man is evil by nature and this evil surfaces itself when it finds favorable circumstances. These favorable circumstances make themselves available in the removal of societal rules and parental control. Golding connects the evil nature of man to the Original Sin, when Adam did something sinful by violating the command of God in the Garden of Eden. When the boys feel that they are free from parental control and there is no check of the teachers, they start to violate rules on the Island and even go to the extent of killing each other and there is a reversion to barbarism. In the beginning, the boys behave rationally as they have recently been coming from a civilized society but with the time they regress to savagery and barbarism, they feel themselves above the law free from societal disciplines. The study is significantly significant in the sense that it familiarizes the readers with the psyche of human beings who will, consequently, be conscious of their actions. The methodology used for the article is qualitative. The framework used for the paper is thematic. The paper finds out that human being is evil by nature as a result of which there is mischief and evil deeds in society performed by man.