Scale to Measure the Determining Factors for Reporting Wrongdoings in the Public Sector Universities

Keywords: Whistle-blowing, Internal Reporting, External Reporting, Whistle-blower, Higher Education Institutions, Punjab


Reporting wrongdoing is significant to the effectiveness of the organization, however, is a challenging task. The objective of this study was to contribute to the research by identifying the determining factors that influence the decision of a faculty member to report unethical behavior in the public sector universities. Further, to develop the validated scales to measure such factors. To achieve these objectives, this research study adopted a two-phase, exploratory sequential mixed method research design. A multistage sampling technique was used and a sample of 300 faculty members from four public sector universities of the Punjab were selected. The first part of the study was a qualitative phase to explore the dimensions by using semi-structured interviews and a focused group discussion method in which five dimensions were explored. With a 42-item Whistle-blowing Procedure Questionnaire was created. In the second phase, in the quantitative phase, six factors connected to the theoretical constructs of decision of reporting wrongdoings/whistle-blowing were explored in the scale construction and validation process by using exploratory factor analysis.