The Effectiveness of the Lecture Based Teaching Strategies and the Inclusive Teaching Strategies on High Achievers: A Comparative Study

  • Asma Naureen PhD Scholar, International Islamic University Islamabad
Keywords: Inclusive Teaching Strategies, Diversity, Students with Special Needs, High Achievers, Traditional Teaching Strategies


This research paper is dedicated to the investigation of the effectiveness of inclusive teaching strategies and traditional lecture-based teaching strategies on the learning of pupils in general but the main focus was on the high achievers of Class XII. The study was conducted to compare both types of teaching strategies in an inclusive setting with the diversity students. Two equal groups of pupils were made according to pre-test scores of teacher-made test items. Both the groups were representative of inclusion. The researcher used the pre-test post-test equivalent group design in the present experimental research. The pre-test was conducted before starting the treatment to judge the difference. The experimental group was taught through inclusive teaching strategies while the control group was taught through traditional lecture-based teaching strategies. The period of the experiment was sixty days. When the treatment period was completed, a researcher-made post-test was conducted to know the level of achievement of students especially the high-achiever students. To determine the effectiveness of both types of teaching strategies on students’ learning in an inclusive setting, the significance of the difference between the scores of the two groups was measured at 0.05 level. The t-test was applied to measure the difference of means of the two groups.  Then based on the t-test results were analyzed. It was revealed from the results of the post-test that inclusive teaching strategies were more effective as compared to traditional teaching strategies to teach pupils at Higher Secondary level.