An Evaluative Study of English Language Teaching Methodology at Primary Level in Public Sector Schools of Hyderabad District

  • Nazir Bano PhD Scholar, University of Sindh
  • Prof. Dr. Parveen Munshi Sufism University Bhitshah
  • Prof. Qalander Shah Lakiaree
Keywords: English Teaching, Activities, Attitude of Teachers, Performance of Students.


Teaching and learning of English have been given a prominent position in the education system of Pakistan. The study aimed to evaluate the teachers’ methodology based on the activities in teaching English delimited to the government schools of Hyderabad district province Sindh. The stratified and random sampling techniques were applied to select the strata (boys & girls schools) from the taluka Hyderabad city, taluka Latifabad, and taluka Qasimabad of the district Hyderabad. The data were collected through the closed-ended questionnaire from 120 primary school teachers and the English achievement test paper from 1078 students of grade five. The results showed that the relationship between the teaching methodology and the students’ performance was significant. Therefore, an improvement in the teachers’ teaching methods can enhance the students’ performance in English. Likewise, the attitude of the teachers towards activities regarding learning English was negative.  Moreover, the test result showed that only 11% of students passed the English test with the minimum test score while 89% of students failed the test. In the end, it was suggested that the government of Pakistan should arrange in-service training to train primary level school teachers. The teachers should focus more on activities and promote learning by doing techniques.