Exploring the Significance of Speaking Skill for EFL Learners

  • Shamim Akhter PhD Scholar, School of Languages, Civilisation and Philosophy, Universiti Utara Malaysia, Malaysia
Keywords: Globalization, EFL, Communication; English Classrooms; Proficiency; Speaking Skills; Strategies


In the era of globalization, people need communication and for this purpose, communication skills perform a key role. To be successful in different fields of life, all people need to get proficiency overall skills of the language. Among these skills, speaking occupies the core position. Without this skill, the purpose of communication cannot be performed effectively. English has become the universal language and all people of the world can communicate with other people through English.  People need interactions in a present global world and for interaction with all people across the world, one common language is needed, and English fulfills this need. People can understand and can be understood by this medium of communication. Akhter, Qureshi, Hassan, and Barira (2020) illustrate that English has become an international language. Owing to its significance in this globalized era, it becomes imperative for the learners to get command over the skills which fulfill the task of communication. For EFL learners, the need to acquire competency over these skills increases many times. To survive in the 21st century successfully, the knowledge of English and command overall skills are essential. So, to keep pace with the trends of the modern world, EFL learners should gain knowledge of the English Language. To improve their communication especially speaking skills better, the ideal place is the classroom. The issues of EFL Learners should be interpreted by the instructors. They should introduce such strategies in the classroom which improve their all skills in general and speaking skills in particular. The undertaken research is an attempt to highlight the significance of speaking skills for EFL Learners. Moreover, the present study also explains the various effective methods and techniques to enhance EFL Learners’ speaking skills.