Moving from Legislation to Implementation: Participants’ Resolve on Inheritance Property of Women

  • Shahla Tabassum PhD Scholar, Department of Sociology, International Islamic University, Islamabad
  • Dr. Amber Ferdoos Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, International Islamic University, Islamabad
Keywords: Inheritance, Women, Legislation, Implementation, Solutions


This paper attempts to develop a mechanism to overcome inequality present in the context of inheritance property of women in Pakistan. Taking a feminist research stand that focused on knowledge construction as a way to suggest alternatives for changes in oppressive situations.  Data collected from thirty men, women of rural, urban settings, and ten male and female lawyers from the Pothohar region through self-exploratory semi-structured qualitative interviews. The findings revealed procedural changes at the state level such as the offices where property transfer happened as well as recommended to set up a monitoring cell to see the record of the court decisions about inheritance property of women. Moreover, the findings highlighted community-level changes to spread awareness through various means like media, social media, Friday sermons, and seminars at union council levels about the inheritance property of women. Furthermore, findings also indicated changes at the family level as a combination of state decisions to make a change in the family headship, changing mindset through awareness as well as the training of boys and girls on equal footing at home.