Investigation about Information Literacy Skills of Research Scholars

  • Dr. Asaf Niwaz Assistant Professor, The University of Haripur
  • Dr. Kifayat Khan Assistant Professor, The University of Haripur
  • Dr. Habib Elahi Sahibzada Assistant Professor, Hazara University, Mansehra
Keywords: Information Literacy, Research Scholars, Academic Performance, Postgraduates, Universities


The study was a survey type with a quantitative focus of inquiry in which information literacy skills of post-graduate research scholars were analyzed. The sample of the study was taken from the University of Haripur. Data was collected through a questionnaire and it was analyzed in percentage form.  It highlighted the level of information literacy skills of research scholars. The results may enable research supervisors and heads of departments to launch a practical training of research scholars during the course work of the M.Phil/Ph.D. It was suggested that a course of information literacy might be included at all levels of education to enable all students in general and research scholars in particular to use proper ways and means to excel in their academic life through the appropriate use of information literacy skills.