Evaluation of Oxford Progressive English Text Book: A Qualitative Study

  • Abdul Ali PhD Scholar, Govt. College University, Faisalabad
  • Amara Javed Assistant Professor, Department of English GC Women University, Faisalabad
  • Dr. Ghulam Murtaza Associate Professor, Department of English, GCU, Faisalabad
Keywords: Checklist Method, Impressionistic Method, Evaluation, ELT Material, ELT Text Book


Textbook evaluation is considered an important factor in the field of education from the aspect of teachers and learners. The current examination aims to evaluate the Oxford Progressive English textbook for 8th class. The current study aims to probe strong and weak points in the given coursebook. Besides, whether the textbook should be accepted or rejected will also be explored in this study. As for research methodology, the nature of the present research is of descriptive qualitative. The sample for the evaluation is the Oxford Progressive English text for the 8th class Checklist method and an impressionistic method “as an instrument will be used for evaluating the ELT material. The following “Checklist” was used to evaluate the textbook. Sheldon’s checklist has been used as an instrument of the research. The data has been collected from the textbook on the 8th. The findings of the study show that almost the merits and demerits of the textbook are equal. Demerits include a lack of focus on language skills and sub-skills. Other aspects of language learning have also been ignored, for example: need analysis, learners' age, background, learning style, examination equivalence, self –revision exercises, achievement test, self-checks, supplementary material, audiovisual recording. This study concludes that the school management should replace or revise the contents of the textbook.