Exploring the Role of Classroom Environment in Hampering L2 Communicative Interaction: A Case Study of the South Punjab

  • Dr. Muhammad Ahsan Lecturer, Department of English, Ghazi University Dera Ghazi Khan, Pakistan
  • Dr. Noshaba Younus Assistant Professor, Department of English, Riphah International University Faisalabad Campus
  • Dr. Zahoor Hussain Lecturer, Department of English, Bahaudin Zakariya University, Layyah Campus, Pakistan
Keywords: EFL Classroom, Environment, Hamper, L2, Communication, Interaction


The prime focus of this research was exploring the role of classroom situation in hampering L2 communicative interaction at the public sector colleges, universities, and the sub-campuses of these universities located in the South Punjab, Pakistan. The present study was duly prearranged to employ a mixed-method technique that utilizes both the qualitative and quantitative data. The outcomes of the study determined that 86.5% of learners claimed that their classmates are not interested in communicative interaction. Similarly, 47.5% viewed outdated syllabus, 52.5% classroom atmosphere, 69.5% learners' prohibited participation during L2 lecture, 37.5% badly imitation by classmates and 95.5% teachers' use of grammar-translation method as communicative barriers and these barriers ruin L2 learners’ communicative ability. This paper also reinforces the outlook that the teachers have to expose the students to the interactive communication so that the learners can easily perform their various roles in the L2 atmosphere. At this point, it is the most crucial duty of the teacher to encourage and motivate his students to practice and to have more communicative interaction in the EFL classroom because most of the non-native countries students don't have the chance to use it outside the classroom.