Metacognitive Awareness, Procrastination and its Impact on Students’ Academic Performance

  • Ghazal Khalid Siddiqui Assistant Professor, University of Education Lahore
  • Saira Taj Assistant Professor, Lahore College for Woman University Lahore
  • Farah Maqsood MPhil Education, University of Education Lahore
Keywords: Metacognition, Procrastination, Students, Universities, Academic Performance


Metacognitive awareness is awareness about perception which further involves declaration, procedure as well as condition aspects, whereas, procrastination involves the action of delaying or postponing something. Both metacognition and procrastination are interrelated and can affect academic performance. Academic performance is an indicator of students' learning at any educational level but several factors can have an impact on it. This investigation was mainly conducted to determine the impact of metacognitive awareness and procrastination on the academic performance of learners in universities. The nature of this study was quantitative and a survey approach was adopted for this study. The sample of the study was comprised of twelve hundred graduates and postgraduates from universities by utilizing cluster sampled methods. To find the awareness of students’ metacognition the MAI (Schraw & Denison, 1994) was applied because of its appropriateness as well as for finding the procrastination behavior of students the Aitken Procrastination Inventory (Aitken, 1982) was applied in this investigation. Academic performance was determined through students’ previous GPA (grade point average). The findings of this investigation revealed that metacognition and procrastination significantly affect the academic performance of university students.