Dual Aspects of Demand of Province of South Punjab: Redefining Federalism

  • Syed Faisal Iqbal M.Phil. Scholar, Department of Political Science & International Relations, G.C. University, Faisalabad, Pakistan
Keywords: Federalism, Pakistan, South Punjab, Provincial Autonomy, New Province


Federalism in Pakistan is throughout in trouble due to delay in constitution-making, inter wing parity, and majority constraint approach. Now provincial autonomy granted through the 18th amendment is redefining federation as it has made ethnic minorities conscious about their ethnic identity and this consciousness-raising has matured in terms of voice raising for new provinces. The demand for a new province in South Punjab is viable both in ethical and economical aspects, whether it is the creation of a new province on ethnic ground or recreation of Bahawalpur province based on economic revival. It is envisaged that the dual-mode of new province in south Punjab may redefine federalism as it will be a paradigm shift from ethnic identity to economic interest and may redefine the boundaries of constituent units accordingly. So new province in South Punjab in every case may erupt the dormant volcano of the creation of new provinces across Pakistan.