Exploring Socialization Process, Peacebuilding and Value Conflict of Distance Education Students at International Islamic University Islamabad

  • Basharat Ali Khan PhD Scholar, International Islamic University, Islamabad
  • Dr. Fouzia Ajmal Assistant Professor, International Islamic University, Islamabad
  • Sufi Amin Research Fellow, International Islamic University, Islamabad
Keywords: Socialization Process, Value, Conflict, Distance Students, IIUI


Socializing is an interactive communication process that involves both individual development and personal effects, i.e. personal reception and interpretation of all social messages, but also the dynamics and content of social influences. Distance Education is a mode of education in which there is a distance between and. Due to distance, several value conflicts occur in the learners. These value conflicts can be reduced through a Socialization process. The Socialization Process and value conflicts are always side by side. Socialization is the skill of students to recognize with society, connect decisively in a trusting situation, as well as make inter-personal interactions by way of caring for their characters. Conflicts of the character can be condensed through education and it is a social activity. Therefore, the core aim of this investigation was to explore the socialization process and value conflict of distance students at International Islamic University, Islamabad. It was quantitative and survey type investigation. The population of the study was contained of Students B.Ed., M.Ed., and MA Education in semester autumn 2018. So, 190 students were randomly selected. A Questionnaire was used as a research instrument. Data were analyzed through SPSS (Version 20), and data were represented in the form of tables. It was founded that the Socialization  process is a key factor of human nature, leads to the Status quo in the community as well as plays a main role in preparing students character. It develops a positive attitude in distance learners, cultural traditions in individuals and produces good individuals for national development. The socialization process establishes proper linkage among the acquisition of knowledge, attitude, values, and behavior. Major recommendations of the study were: conflicts may be minimized by providing more Islamic ethical values in the syllabus/curriculum. And number of study centers may be increased so that learners may get maximum chances of face to face/seminar/workshop.