Voting Pattern in District of Dir: A Case Study of Three General Elections (from 2002 to 2013)

  • Muhammad Rashid PhD Scholar, Department of Politics & IR, International Islamic University Islamabad
  • Dr. Husnul Amin Associate Professor / Fulbright Fellow, South Asia Center, University of Pennsylvania, United States of America
Keywords: Voting Patter, Electoral Process, Determinants, Quantitative Data, Sociological, Psycho-social, Rational Choice


Voting pattern is one of the important themes of political science that, indicates the level of political participation of citizens in modern democracies, through the electoral process. The electoral processes have played an important role throughout history and in the overall political discourse of the modern nation-states. In this regard, this research is designed to find out the determinants of voting patterns in the two Districts of Dir. The objective of this study is to understand people’s attitudes toward electoral politics and voting practices. This study will seek to respond to the query regarding the role of multiple political factors that contribute to shaping voting patterns. The nature of the study is descriptive while using quantitative data.  The collected data is analyzed through statistical and interpretative methods. This research is based on the theoretical framework of sociological, psycho-social, and rational choice models that focus on the political determinants of the voting pattern in Districts of Dir