Effectiveness/Impact of ICTs on Academic Achievement of Students

  • Syed Yasir Ali Gilani PhD Scholar, Department of Education, Hazara University, Manshera
  • Prof. Dr. Syed Manzoor H Shah Pro-Vice Chancellor/Dean, Hazara University, Manshera
  • Dr. Iqbal Majoka Hazara University, Manshera
Keywords: ICT, Academic Achievement, Education, Learning, Students


The present study has been conducted to discover the “Impact/Effect of ICTs on Academic Achievement of Students at Post Graduate Level” in public sectors general universities of Federal Capital Islamabad. The objectives of the study were; to examine the use of ICTs and their impact on academic achievement of students at post graduate level. The population of the research study has been comprised of 460 students’ from federal public sector universities offering post graduate study in the fields of social sciences. The sample of study was comprised of two hundred and ten students; chosen by proportionate random sampling technique.The tools of the research (questionnaire) were formulated on five-point (Likert) scale, the reliability were authenticated by pilot testing and was found satisfactory at 0.96. After the data collection, the analysis were made using percentage, mean, and the chi-square (χ2) statistical tool.The overall derived results in this research study depict that ICTs plays a vital role in learning process globally.On the basis of analyzed data and conclusions it is recommended that postgraduate students should be trained via refresher courses, seminars and training programs for usage of ICTs before the start of the research.