Socio-Medical Viewpoints of Female Korean Students during the Covid-19 Pandemic of 2020

  • Prof. Alaric Naudé Department of Nursing Science, Suwon Science College, Suwon, Republic of Korea
Keywords: COVID19, Nursing, Education, Feminism, Gender Studies


Korea was one of the first countries to be directly impacted by the Covid19 (SARS Type II) virus. The swift response by the medical community was highly effective in reducing the spread of the virus: however, the education system was slower to follow suit and implement changes. This study focuses on the motivational factors of first-year (female) nursing students and analyses their opinions and thoughts on three factors: their satisfaction with the national medical response: their satisfaction with the educational system’s response, and, lastly, their scientific/nursing view on gender-based and feminist responses to the global pandemic. Overall, nursing students reported satisfaction with the medical response. They were, somewhat divided on the education sector response, though satisfied with the online platform of university lectures. Female nursing students rejected gendered/feminist views on quarantine and expressed such views to be both antiscientific as well as impractical in the control of the infectious disease.