Impact of Graphic Organizers on Reading Comprehension of English Learners at Intermediate Level

  • Laraib Rahat Lecturer, Women University Swabi
  • Ghani Rahman Assistant Professor, Department of English, Hazara University, Mansehra
  • Shahabullah Lecturer, Department of English, Kohat University of Science and Technology, Kohat
Keywords: Graphic Organizers, English, Reading Comprehension, EFL Learners


The present study deals with the impact of graphic organizers (GOs) on reading comprehension of intermediate level English learners. The study specifically focused on the teaching of English drama through graphic organizers. The study also explored participants’ perceptions about using these graphic organizers. A quasi-experimental design was used in this study. Forty intermediate level students participated in this study. The twenty students of the experimental group received the GOs treatment, while the twenty participants of the control group were taught through the traditional method. A pre-test and post-test were conducted from both groups to test the impact of participants’ reading comprehension with five weeks’ treatment. The collected data were analyzed through a t-test. A significant difference was observed in the mean score of both groups and results revealed that the use of GOs had a positive impact on the comprehension of the students. The semi-structured interviews analyzed qualitatively through themes and subthemes showed a positive perception towards the use of GOs. The graphic GOs could help in increasing reading comprehension as well in understanding the text structure with a positive perception of their use.