Exploring the Role of Dialogic Teaching in Improving Learners’ Spoken English at Intermediate Level in District Bannu

  • Ihsan Ullah Khan Assistant Professor, Department of English and Applied Linguistics, University of Science and Technology Bannu, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan
Keywords: Dialogic Teaching, Dialogism, Paired Sample t-test, Pre, and Post-test


The study aims to explore the role of dialogic teaching, derived from Bakhtin's 'Dialogism', at an intermediate level in the English language teaching-learning process in District Bannu. An experimental research design was used in the study. Pre and post-tests were used for data collection. A 12th Grade Class of a public sector college was selected for the conduction of the experimental study. In this design, two groups namely, the control group and treatment group were administered pre and post-tests. Only the treatment group was given the treatment. The pre-test was designed to assess the oral proficiency of the treatment group. A paired sample t-test was used for the analysis of data. After the analyses of the data results were drawn. Data revealed that monologic teaching was prevalent in most of the classrooms, with no or very little space for the students to interact in the English language. Dialogic pedagogy proved very effective in finding out a solution to a real-world problem. Being dialogic, the pedagogy improved the oral proficiency of the students of the treatment group considerably.