National Professional Standard and Teachers’ Performance: A Cross-Sectional Survey of Punjab

  • Sarfraz Ahmad PhD Scholar, Department of Education, Mohi-ud-Din Islamic University, AJ&K
  • Dr. Ziarab Mahmood Assistant Professor, Department of Education, Mohi-ud-Din Islamic University AJ&K
  • Dr. Muhammad Ishaq Assistant Professor, Department of Education & Director QEC Mohi-ud-Din Islamic University AJ&K
Keywords: Secondary School Teacher (SST), Knowledge, Disposition, Performance, Code of Conduct, National Professional Standards (NPS)


The purpose of this study was to analyze performance of teachers of public sector on the base of code of conduct. The objectives of the study were to analyze knowledge, disposition and performance of secondary school teachers of code of conduct as per National Professional Standards i.e code of conduct. It was proposed that teachers of selected schools have significant level of knowledge, disposition & performance of code of conduct. Out of 19,265 secondary school teachers of province Punjab, 401 teachers were selected randomly. Out of 3,601 headmasters of secondary schools 222 headmasters were selected randomly. Two questionnaires were used for collection of data from selected secondary school teachers & headmasters of secondary schools. Data was collected from selected districts with the help of association of scholars. Data was analyzed by applying Chi-Square with SPSS software. Findings showed that secondary schools teachers have adequate knowledge, disposition and performance about code of conduct but they don’t keep themselves update professionally by recent educational activities. School education department should launch training programs about knowledge, teachers should improve disposition and perform their duties well regarding National Professional Standards (NPS) i.e code of conduct.