An Analysis of Various Factors having Direct or Indirect Impacts on Pashtun Nationalism

  • Hamida Bibi Lecturer, Bacha Khan Medical College Mardan, Khyber Medical University Peshawar, KP. Pakistan
  • Surat Khan PhD Scholar, Department of Political Science, University of Peshawar, KP. Pakistan
Keywords: Taliban, Extremism, Pashtun nationalism, Afghan War


Every society of the world is stereotype due to the various groups that exist inside the country. Same is the case with Pakistan which consists of various sub-national groups, among them one is the Pashtun ethnic group (society) which always tilted towards religion. Stereotype societies have sometimesgerms of truth but in partial. The main issue is that the importance of the survival of a specific peculiarity connected with a community is voluntarily forgotten in favour of legends mimicry. The scholars admit the presence of religious intolerance among the Pashtun community but the scholars also challenge that although the Pashtun have been hugging religion since fourteen hundred years but has never been overpowered by extremism that exists to this day. It also proves that the main objectives of religious extremism and militancy were to curtail the culture and freedom of its traditions. There are serious grievances of Pashtun community regarding the state policy for this region. The Pashtun populated areas are always used for strategic depth policy.