Theoretical Approaches to the Study of Voting Behaviour: A Comparative Analysis

  • Noor Hamid Khan Mahsud PhD Scholar, Department of Politics and IR, International Islamic University Islamabad
  • Husnul Amin Fulbright Fellow South Asia Center, University of Pennsylvania, United States
Keywords: Voting Behavior, Sociological Model, Psychosocial Model, Rational Choice Model


The study of voting behavior is a sub-field of Political Science. Voting represents an important aspect of public participation in a democratic system. Keeping in view the importance of voting behavior in a democratic dispensation, social scientists have paid much attention to its determinants. At least three kinds of theoretical models can be discerned in the works of social scientists: a sociological model, a psycho-social model, and a rational choice model. The focus of the sociological model is on social factors, the psychosocial model focuses on psychological or political factors, while the rational choice model emphasizes economic factors. The main aim of the paper is to present a brief overview of these three kinds of models comparatively.