The Role of Principals and Administrators in Performance Appraisal of School Teachers in Punjab

  • Muhammad Nadeem PhD Scholar, University of Management and Technology Lahore
  • Dr. Seema Arif Associate Professor, University of Management and Technology Lahore
  • Dr. Muhammad Naeem FMDRC Lahore
Keywords: Performance Appraisal, Stakeholders, Satisfaction, Dissatisfaction, Professional Development


Qualitative research was conducted in the interpretive paradigm using phenomenology as an approach to check the execution of the performance appraisal system (PAS) at higher secondary schools in Punjab. The population of the study consisted of key stakeholders of appraisal, higher secondary school principals, teachers, and district administration. 6 out of 36 districts were selected from school district rankings, each falling in poor, good, and average criterion. Participants of one district served as a pilot and the rest for the main study. A total of 35 participants were selected from five districts purposively; a selection criterion was used to select a set of one administrator, one principal and five teachers from each of the five districts. After obtaining consent from the participants, structured interviews were conducted with the school principals and district administrators, while the focus group was held with the teachers of each district using self-constructed interview protocols. Thematic analysis was performed on data obtained from different sources. Seven themes emerged during analysis reflected that the principals and teachers have enough knowledge and experience to conduct the PAS. It is a positive activity that must be continued; however, the procedure needs improvement. PAS should be planned and conducted with the consultation of teachers, motivating them for further improvement.