Developing Linkage Between Universities and Industries in Pakistan

  • Dr. Rabia Khatoon Principal, Senior Subject Specialist, Government Girls Higher Secondary School No.1, Rawalpindi
  • Dr. Faridullah Khan Assistant Professor, Department of Education and Psychology, Kohat University of Science and Technology, Kohat
  • Dr. Muhammad Naseer Ud Din Associate Professor, Department of Education and Psychology, Kohat University of Science and Technology, Kohat
Keywords: University, Industry, Research & Development, Pakistan


This research study was carried out to investigate the facts and establish the present state of the link between Industry and university in Pakistan especially focusing on the present scenario and current operating systems, the research study further examined the main elements impacting and manipulating on the association and potential zones of participation and collaboration. An example of 33 (male 23 and female 10) comprised of Deans and Heads of branches of the colleges and agents of Higher Education Commission). The study revealed that universities and industries had associations and connections through contact workplaces established in (HEC) Higher Education Commission. This office has so many functions like research and development (Research and Development) activities, preparing and manage visiting lectureship, training the staff, and also plan joint actions for educational planning, improvement, and as well as both can work to guide each other. Most definitely, the study further revealed that although there is mutual coordination is found at the national level but unfortunately internationally the same coordination is not found in the same spirit in Pakistan amongst commerce and universities. Moreover, this study also revealed that the coordination among these agencies plays so many functions like personal contacts, guidance function, meetings with each other, educational synergistic preparing programs, Research & Development activities, boards of trustees, panels, courses, and meetings. Thus, the linkages were influenced by numerous components which included government strategy, the executives of the college just as the industry. It was additionally discovered that there were certainly a few issues these included, absence of coordination, scarcity of funds to perform research, lack of enthusiasm on the part of employees, absence of research and development exercises, absence of required capability, conflicting venture of businesses. In addition, there was a scarcity of incubation Center, advance parks, and no basic assessment and check and balance framework. These feasible domains of cooperation covered assurance of licensed innovation, awards, gifts, donations, grants, classes/workshops, and vocation directing cooperative research and development projects, and guidance administrations.