Socio-Economic Impact of Seasonal Employment on the Nomads with Reference to Date’s Fruits: A Case Study of District Khairpur

  • Syed Akram Ali Shah PhD Scholar, Department of Economics, Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur
  • Prof. Dr. Muhammad Saleem Rahpoto Professor, Department of Economics, Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur
  • Dr. Ghulam Muhammad Mangnejo Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, Shaikh Ayaz University, Shikarpur
Keywords: Seasonal Employment, Dates Fruit Nomadic Flow, Economic Implications


Hunger starvation, natural disasters, droughts and the clan enmities make people to migrate from one region to another region. Also sometimes people migrate as they inherit the habit, of migration. This research paper is aimed to study the socio-economic implication of the seasonal employment in Khairpur in date’s fruit season regarding nomads coming in the season and the implications of the migration on the life of the indigenous people as well as on the nomad’s life. The subject material has been collected through the field survey and the interviews conducted by the stakeholders, like the growers, traders, nomads, and those with whom the nomads interact during their stay in District Khairpur. District Khairpur is situated in Sindh Province of Pakistan is one of the most opulent District, it is embedded with the surface as well as mineral resources. But, its fame is due to date’s fruit which is the major factor of the nomadic flow into this district. Also, the date’s season has proved to be poverty alleviation than any other factor. The research results show that every year nearly 3 million to 3.5 million people come to this district and each year almost 2 Billion Pak Rupees are being taken away to different regions as to be the remittances. Besides, the nomadic flow not only proves to be beneficial for the dates fruit growers but also for the merchants and the vendors who also earn almost double in the season of date’s fruit. Especially the hotels and vegetable shops become almost short of the consumers' goods in the season. Finally, some measures are proposed and a brief conclusion is given herewith. This paper also has analyzed the determinants and the consequences of nomadic migration into District Khairpur.