Community Participation in Improving Quality of Education at Secondary School Level

  • Muhammad Nadeem PhD Scholar, IER, Gomal University D.I. Khan
  • Allah Noor Khan Assistant Professor, IER Gomal University D.I. Khan
  • Mazhar Gul PhD Scholar, IER Gomal University D.I. Khan
Keywords: Community, Quality of Education, Secondary Level


The research study is narrative and it aims to see perceptions of school heads about the role of community in improving the quality of education at secondary school level in the southern seven districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The region is in a developing stage and badly affected by war and terror after 9/11. The total population of the study is 544 and 105 respondents were selected through a random sampling technique by taking 15 school heads from each district. Twelve open-ended questions were selected in light of the views of experts and were asked from the majority of respondents via face to face and some were interviewed through their cell phones. The responses were presented in narrative summary form and the study concluded that the community is supporting school authority for streamlining quality education but its role is less than the desired expectation. The school authority should adopt a flexible policy for the motivation of the community and ensuring their maximum participation in the school matters.