Foregrounding of War as a Socio-political Issue in Hamid Khan’s Poetry

  • Abdul Karim Khan Assistant Professor, Department of English & Applied Linguistics, UST, Bannu, KP, Pakistan
Keywords: Foregrounding, Deviation, Parallelism, War, Hamid Khan


Hamid Khan uses the tools of foregrounding (deviation and parallelism) to project war and its devastating effects on society. This paper aims at searching for the projection of the theme of war through deviation and parallelism in the two poetic collections of Khan, i.e. “Velvet of Loss” and “Pale Leaf (Three Voices)”. The data are analysed on the basis of the theory of foregrounding. Apart from the apparent reference to war zones, the implications of the horrors of war, at global level, are found. These devastating effects include hopelessness, insecurity, homelessness, losing of the near and dear for ever leaving behind orphans, widows, and patrons.