Parallelism of Words and their Socio-cultural Implications in Hamid Khan’s Velvet of Loss

  • Abdul Karim Khan Assistant Professor, Department of English & Applied Linguistics, University of Science & Technology, Bannu
Keywords: Parallelism, Hamid Khan, socio-cultural connotations, Velvet of Loss


This paper analyses the parallel words that occur in various poems of Hamid Khan in the collection, “Velvet of Loss”. These words are: night, bird, dream, dawn, life, mist, dusk, and hope. The analysis of the words is based on foregrounding that is subcategorized as deviation and parallelism. Here, for the sake of brevity and restrictions of the space, only parallelism is taken into consideration and that too is delimited to the frequency of the above mentioned words in various poems of the entire collection, “Velvet of Loss”. These words are tabulated with the page numbers of the book and frequency of repetition. Moreover, these words are also shown in the 3-D pi-chart so that their frequency could be highlighted in percentage as well. This is done in order to make it reader-friendly. In addition, the words are contextualized and taken into consideration with reference to the time frames of past, present and future. Lastly, the socio-cultural implications that are foregrounded are also mentioned. This article will lead other researchers to novel directions to probe into Pakistani poetry in English. This will add to their methods of objective analysis.